Bloom 2017 Large Garden - Savills Urban Retreat


Savills Urban Retreat

‘Savills’ Urban Retreat’ will be an elegant and contemporary garden using mostly cuboid architectural forms. This garden, in terms of its size, is reflective of the vast majority of outdoor spaces found in modern, urban residential properties.
It was designed to address the twin challenges of space and privacy and to show how a stunning, green retreat can be created despite these restraints. The garden will not only be beautiful but also functional, with two central entertaining spaces available for use: the open terrace and the partially covered sunken snug. The variety of materials used will be minimal and carefully selected, and the color palette will be simple, natural and relaxing. The planting will be a mixture of formal green blocks and informal shaded beds.

Alan Rudden.


Alan Rudden is a Dublin-based garden and landscape designer who has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. He has designed numerous award-winning gardens, most recently achieving Gold Medals at Bloom 2014, 2015 and 2016. Alan is Founder of Outside Options, a specialist in the creation of high-end private gardens and commercial plant fit-outs countrywide.(View profile)

Source: Bloom 2017 Large Garden - Savills Urban Retreat

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