Bloom Plant Village



The Plant Village at Bloom 2014 is a new addition to the festival which works to highlight and promote the world class plant production Ireland has to offer. Set among the popular retail stands at Bloom, the village allows a space for the five participating exhibitors to inspire visitors to use plants to their full advantage.

The Plant Village allows visitors the opportunity to purchase the plants they have just seen used to create the adjacent show gardens. With the expertise of the nursery owners involved, visitors to Bloom will have the tools to implement the ideas and concepts they have just seen in the show gardens in a manner which will work in their own gardens at home.

Of the wide range of plants on offer within the Plant Village there are a number that nursery owners believe visitors should look out for this year. The first is Sambucus ‘Black Tower’ which is a dark-leaved elder with a very upright growing habit. As the name suggests it grows tall, reaching about six foot, and resembles a black tower at maturity.

For visitors with a passion for hydrangea a new variety known as Revolution will prove popular this year. As the name suggests this particular hydrangea goes through a revolution of colours as it matures from green to pink to blue, all in one single cycle.

For visitors looking to add colour and interest to their gardens this summer the Plant Village has a lot to offer. From the ever popular petunias to verbena available in a spectrum of colours, there are annuals to suit every taste. And those looking to add summer interest with bulbs there is a wide range on offer with lilies and alliums expected to be as popular as ever with Irish gardeners this year.

Source: HortiTrends News Room