GREEN FINGERS young and old are being asked to participate in an online “digital café” where ways to make Ireland a more eco-friendly country are to be discussed.

 Staff and residents who live near the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Glasnevin, Dublin are among those due to take part in the group video call that could result in their ideas being added to a list of recommendations for the government.

 “We will ask participants to look at ways we can better use the land to improve the environment,” said Aimée Vaughan, who is coordinating the event for the humanitarian organisation Concern Worldwide.

 “This is a family-friendly online discussion that starts at 11.30am on Wednesday, February 17 with a focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15, called Life on Land, which was created by UN members along with 16 other planet-saving targets in 2015.

 “The Life on Land goal is largely about the restoration and better protection of our ecosystems and forests.”

 The digital café is part of a nationwide initiative called Project Us, which is funded by the Irish government’s programme for overseas development, Irish Aid, to capture views and recommendations that will be compiled into a report.

 “Ultimately, this about a better future and coming up with ideas that will make the world safer and more equal,” added Ms. Vaughan.

 “Before the pandemic, we would discuss these critical goals with people in large community centres and other places, but they are now happening online.”

 Another Project Us digital café hosted by Concern and Clean Coasts, a national environmental organisation that works with communities to protect and care for Ireland’s waterways, coastline, and seas, will take place on Wednesday, February 24 at 6pm.

 That event will focus on UN sustainable development goal 14, Life Below Water, where ideas will be heard about how to better protect Ireland’s natural waters and marine life.

 Members of the public who would like to take part, in either event, can contact to register or use these links: for the Life on Land discussion and for the Life Below Water talk.