Make your own fairy garden

Away with the Fairies workshops in the Budding Bloomers area will show children how to make their own fairy garden.

Five simple steps on how to make a fairy garden:

  1. Select a suitable container, a shallow planter or terracotta pot is ideal and add stones or broken pots at the bottom for drainage, then fill with potting compost.
  2. Choose your plants, how many will depend on the size of the container, herbs or alpines are ideal, then plant into your pot.
  3. Pick out a fairy house for your garden, these come in all shapes and sizes from fairy castles to toadstool shaped solar fairy house, then place into your garden.
  4. Create pathways in your garden using coloured gravel (aquarium gravel is ideal), you can also create mini fencing from sticks to put along your pathways.
  5. Add miniature accessories to your garden, you can buy everything from tiny ponds and bridges to washing lines and picnic furniture, have fun creating a magical mini-scene that will attract fairies into your garden!

Play, Learn and Grow! Bord Bia’s Bloom has always been a great day out for children, and this year is no exception! Budding Bloomers has a vibrant mixture of features to keep children entertained and active, from toddlers to fifth classers.