New Wildlife Website
Going Live - New Wildlife Website for Ireland

The answer is both the red deer and the pygmy shrew feature on a new website from The Vincent Wildlife Trust ( ) that can be accessed by the public from Saturday 18th August onwards. presents facts and photographs for thirteen Irish mammals, from the familiar fox to the elusive pine marten. The information is presented in a way that will suit both curious amateur and professional mammalogist, with detailed information on topics such as the habitat, foraging and roosting behaviour for each species, but also a quick reference box providing basic facts.

Current distribution maps are provided by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. The website also provides information on the work of the Trust in Ireland, including the setting up of protected sites for the lesser horseshoe bat throughout the west of Ireland, and has links to other organisations concerned with Irish mammals. “The Trust has been actively conserving Irish mammals, specifically Ireland’s bat species, since 1991, so we celebrate our 21st birthday here in 2012. What better way to mark this than by providing an Irish VWT website” said Dr Kate McAney, the VWT’s Mammal Development Manager in Ireland.

The Vincent Wildlife Trust is a wildlife charity working to safeguard the future of mammals in Britain and Ireland. For over 30 years it has made major contributions to the conservation of the otter, pine marten, dormouse, polecat and bat species. In Ireland since 1991 it has focussed primarily on conserving the lesser horseshoe bat.

Source: Heritage Council – Going Live – New Wildlife Website for Ireland