drawing by Enagh Farrell

The front cover of this edition of HC feature’s a drawing by Enagh Farrell. She works mostly in pencil, pen, watercolour and acrylic but has a preference/love for pencil. Her work is influenced by the natural world; trees, stars and plants and the magic that can be found in nature. Ena tells HC “This work started as drawings for Christmas cards. I wanted to create cards for everyone, regardless of their beliefs. In winter the trees are naked and stand like beautiful giant sculptures and we can see the winter constellations on crisp cold nights. Winter in the Northern hemisphere can be harsh but also inspiring and magical”. These are drawings to celebrate the Winter Solstice, mid-winter, the star the Magi followed in the Christmas story, or to send seasons greetings with a nod to the beauty of winter. More at enaghfarrell.com ✽