UK and Ireland’s photo contest winners reveal the versatility of our forests – PEFC News

A journey through the mist takes first prize in PEFC UK and PEFC Ireland’s ‘Forests, our home, workplace and playground’ photo contest!

Chosen by a jury of timber, forestry and photography experts, the top three images reveal the versatility of forests, which can be places to work and play, and even homes.

If you are interested in the other photos entered into the contest, just head to Instagram and search for the hashtag #forestplaywork!

The winning images

First prize went to Xiao Ma for the image “Journey through the mist”, taken in Lockerbie, Scotland.

Journey through the mist”, taken in Lockerbie, Scotland.

The atmospheric image shows a harvesting truck on its way to the next destination, carrying freshly cut logs – and with them the stories of the felled trees.

Trevor Wright came in second with his image “Dawn in Laughton Woods”.

 “Dawn in Laughton Woods”.

Taken in the early morning, the image captures the sun breaking through the trees in Laughton Woods in East Sussex, England.

“Bluebell Woods” by Ken Breeze made third place, picturing a carpet of bluebells in the Beaulieu Woods near Monmouth, Wales.

“Bluebell Woods” by Ken Breeze

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

PEFC UK and Ireland’s contest was one of 16 national photo contests run by PEFC members between Earth Day and World Environment Day. In total, we received more than 12,000 photos from around the world!

The three winning images join the winners of other national contests for the chance to win the 2018 PEFC Photographer of the Year Award. The winner of this international contest will be announced in November and will receive a trip to the 2018 PEFC Forest Certification Week in Geneva, Switzerland or a cash prize of 3000 CHF.